Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Music Video Treatment

Synopsis - Live music video shot in the recording studio. Want to capture the artist's features while they are performing. Multiple shot angles of both the artist and the equipment. Provides a behind the scenes look at what it takes for this solo artist to prepare and finalize an original song.

Main Characters - Artist is the main focus, Suede Lacy. The audience learns about behind the scenes work that goes into creating a song and how the artist is effected while recording their songs.

Story Structure - The beginning will start with a selection of shots involving equipment set up such as the empty studio, microphone, soundboard, etc. As the song builds there will be more focus on the artist and their movements during the recording session.

Style - Casual live action film that provokes strong emotions through many angles and close up shots of the artist. Intend to use dim and warm lighting to highlight the characters.

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